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"I am Dr. Kem Smith, and I love our community—so much that I want to represent it in the Missouri State House."

DrKem for MO HD68 Full Body pic red suit

About Dr. Kem

I am a veteran educator and proud North St. Louis County District 68 resident. I stand as an advocate for the values that this community holds dear. Growing up in North St. Louis County alongside my parents, who were deeply rooted in the community, instilled a sense of commitment to the well-being of the people around me. 


Throughout my journey as a wife, mom, and grandmother, I firmly believed in the power to bring about positive change for the future of this community. With this conviction, I seek your support as I aspire to represent our community in the Missouri State House.


I understand the challenges our community faces, and as a teacher, I witness the daily impact of economic disparities on our families and children. This fuels my commitment to address these challenges, not just as an individual but as a representative of the residents of District 68.


My vision for our community aligns with these principles—fairness, equality, and the belief that we can overcome obstacles when we stand united. If allowed to serve in the Missouri State House, I will tirelessly work to amplify the voices of the hardworking individuals who form the backbone of District 68.


I cannot achieve this vision alone. I am asking you for your partnership in building a future where every community member can thrive. Your volunteering and financial support will fuel the change engine and drive us towards a brighter, more equitable tomorrow.

Deep St. Louis County Roots

Dedicated Wife
and Mother

  • Graduate of Hazelwood Central High School

  • Ferguson Florissant School District - Berkeley High School Alumna, Berkeley Middle School and Walnut Grove Elementary

  • 20-year resident of Florissant

  • 15-year resident of Black Jack

  • 16-year resident of Berkeley, Missouri


  • Married to Husband, Orlando Smith 18+ years

  • Mother to 5 children

  • Grandmother to 5 children

  • All 5 children attended Missouri public schools 

  • 3 of 5 children attended Ferguson Florissant School District

Small Business Owner

  • 24-year Educator

  • Doctorate in Higher Education Administration Leadership

  • Masters of Fine Arts in Writing

  • Masters of Arts in Education

  • Bachelors of Business Administration

  • Ferguson Florissant School District, Clayton School District, Hazelwood School District, Jennings School District, Riverview School District

  • St. Louis Community College, Fontbonne University

  • Founder and CEO of Cultural Competency Educational Consultants. LLC

  • DrKem Smith with Luxevo Vacations

  • KSmith Studios

  • Former Business Owner K.I.S.S. Fitness Studio

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